Who Are We???

So what is it that you do again?

Perhaps the main question asked as we were building our concept into a reality!  The confused looks, the stares, the “….. ah…. cool….”

Until that diamond in the rough… that one guy or gal who gets it — who feels the pain of meal prep… supplement prep… “LOVE IT.”  or, “THAT’S A GREAT IDEA!”

So who are we? And what are we doing here?

It’s quite simple, as a store (Click Here to join our mailing list!), you –

  1. Select a Box
  2. Choose your favorite supplement brands
  3. Enjoy at your door step, month-to-month in individual grab-and-go packs.

But let’s queue the formal introduction – I’m Nikhil, my business partner, and wife, Kay, are just two regular people who enjoy all things related to getting strong.  Two regular old individuals (perhaps like yourself) who workout, meal plan, and enjoy working our tails off to reach our goals.

Two simple, regular, normal, everyday (I think you get it) people who painstakingly curse and cringe at spending hours upon hours meal prepping, but do it anyway for the love of our hobby – working out, getting stronger, getting better, and killing it every day at the gym, at work, at life in general.

Out of necessity (or just plain old being pissed off at measuring all of our supps and meals late into the evening), we realized that there were MANY individuals, similar to ourselves, who would much rather save hours per week living life than prepping for it – we planned, prepped, bickered, and brainstormed – and so GET YOUR WHEY was born!

We understand that our passion for making ourselves, as well as the world around us better has taken a whole hell of a lot of learning, mistakes, failure, and wins… small wins, and we want to take others on that road with us…

If you like the idea of bettering yourself, saving time, and pushing hard on life … if you’re not the type to lay down to loss, and you’re ready to strap your boots on and trudge through the bullshit to the top of the hill, join us! Click below and follow us on this blog!

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