Creatine Basics

What is it?

Creatine as a supplement is a substance which converts to creatine phosphate in the body.  Creatine phosphate is a major component in ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is produced in your cells’ mitochondria and is used for muscle contraction.

With literally thousands of brands out there, and four major types of creatine you could purchase, it is important to know what to take… and what to avoid.

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The most common form seen in supplements is creatine monohydrate.  Creatine Monohydrate is known to be one of the most studied sports nutrition supplements out there.

Is it Safe?

Back in the mid- ’90s, there was a major witch hunt in which major media outlets were going after creatine for “killing high school athletes.”  From there, the fear began!

What can I say about this?  Is this stuff dangerous? Likely not.  Hell, your body produces it.  So do tasty animals.  If you’ve ever eaten a steak, you’ve taken extra creatine in.

So unless you have some underlying issues, it probably won’t kill you… But do your own research.

Does it Work?

I’d say so.  And there are plenty of independent studies out there that would agree with me.  I’m a huge fan of guinea pigging myself, though, so if you are curious, buy a bottle and try it! It’s cheap, and it will likely work!

Anyway, as with anything… Try it!  Want a 30% coupon code for some of your favorite supplements on our store (coming soon!) — sign up here.  We’ll send you your coupon and updates as we launch. You won’t be disappointed!

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