5 Ways to Get Organized Right Now

Okay, GYW Nation, what in the hell does this have to do with health and fitness.  Ask any fat body why they are so fat… Ask yourself even, why am I SO FAT?? 

The most likely answer? I don’t have time!

It’s not only that you’re eating crap, you’re very likely not optimizing your free time either!

Take this quick read, if you can make habits out of the following, chances are in a very short time, you will be thinking of ways to fill your time!

First thing’s first… Get a small notebook.

Write down all of the “time wasters” you believe you have throughout the day.  Watching TV, hitting the snooze button, etc.  Think about your morning routine… or if you even have a routine.


I prefer these neat little all-weather notebooks.  These worked wonders during my time in the US Army… The sheets are water resistant, and you could use pretty much any type of pen.  Any surplus store or Amazon may have them.

You need to get int he habit of writing and recording.  For our topic at hand, create a list of all of your daily time wasters.  Think about details!

  • Do you hit the snooze button?
  • Do you find yourself procrastinating on important tasks?
  • Do you watch TV? How often and for how long?   When are you often watching TV?

1. Re-Consider Time Itself

Life has gotten busy, but time has not changed.  You have 168 hours per week. 40 to 50 Hours of that are work = 118. 2 to 3 hours of that are travel – 15 hours for a 5-day week. 56 hours of that (1/3 of your time!) are sleep – 47 hours remaining. 47 hours, about 30% of your entire waking hours, are free time!


To Do:

If you watch TV, record when and how often you watch TV for a week– and shut it off… Or just shut it off.

If you waste time on your phone or computer, download a phone restricting app – Time Out by Dejal, Freedom, Focus Booster, Stay Focused, Self-Control.

2. Sleep More, Sleep Better

We all know what prolonged sleep deprivation does to the body – less recovery, higher cortisol levels, higher risk of heart attack, lower HGH production, and just generally being in a pissy mood. Sleep should be as high of a priority as working. 

Smoking & Dipping: Want to sleep better? Quit Tobacco, you’ll likely need less sleep per night.

To Do:

Shut down at the same time each night (or day if you’re on a night shift)

Stay away from blue-light emitting devices (anything with a monitor (you can also download an app called f.lux, great little tool!)

Spend a few bucks on your bedding… Some things you just don’t go cheap on.

Adjust how you sleep – I found that sleeping without a pillow altogether has completely halted all neck and shoulder pains I had.

Your life is 24 hours, does it make sense for you to adjust for your wake up and sleep cycle?

Going to bed late? See what works best for you – Does a 9am to 1am schedule work for you? Does a 3am wake up and a 7pm bedtime work for you? At this point, you have no clue. So try!  I am at my best if I wake up around 4am and go to bed around 8:30 pm.  I am golden if I get around 7 ½ hours of sleep per night.

Consistency is key – if you get up at 4:30am Monday through Friday, then wake up around the same time Saturday and Sunday.

“You’re fricken crazy,” you say?

  • What are you doing at that time most weekends? A
  • Dropping one weekend of boozing it up… average 4 drinks at $8 per…
    • $1,536 per year…

3. Pre-prepare your Meals and Supplements

This, I will admit, was, and still is somewhat a pain in the ass.  But… If you can discipline yourself to do it once per week (preferably on your off days), then I promise you that you will save HOURS upon HOURS of time during the week.

At the same time, we love to do it! You can save a ton of time and money doing this, and measuring out our life and tasks are the very soul of our business! (www.getyourwhey.com)


  • Purchase your food containers – cheap off Amazon, this is what we use:

Paksh Novelty Lunch Box Sets

  • Get a Costco or Sams Club account
    1. If it is more than just you in the house, go for it, you’ll save money! (with just the two of us in the house, we saved about $30 per week)
  • If you’re not measuring your meals, try it!
    1. We began using food templates at http://renaissanceperiodization.com — It takes a couple tries to get quick at it, but now we’ve got a process down, and knock it out quickly.
    2. NOTE: This is something that takes practice – Reps, Reps, Reps – it will get faster
  • Pack your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Don’t Wait for the Weekend to Getting Tasky Stuff Done!

If you’re anything like I was years ago, I used to do all my laundry and cleaning on the weekends.  Again, you’re wasting your most precious time!  Use periods of free time during the week to get this done.

Combine your chores into compound movements after your work/school day:

  • Get home, drop a load of laundry in the wash, eat a meal, toss in the dryer, DONE.
  • Clean your tub while taking a shower… Yup, sounds weird… Try it!
  • Keep a towel by your sink, wipe it all down after every use – 2 minutes of wiping will save you from 1 hour of cleaning on the weekend.
  • … Don’t clean your toilet while using it… That’s gross.


Write down all of your tasks that you need to get done during the week, and split them up either when you wake up in the morning, or immediately after work.

4. Be an intermittent nomad

Do you find yourself wasting time going from home to a coffee shop, to work, back to home to change, then to the gym, just to get back to home?  You can literally add on 3 to five hours per day in just travel!


Invest in a good duffel bag

Invest in a good lunch container

Invest in your own small gym equipment

Invest in some good shaker cups

Invest in good meal containers, bring your breakfast, lunch and dinner with you. This will also help you work yourself into an intermittent fasting schedule – post coming soon!

You’re going to make up for the investment in not only time but money by saving on groceries!

5. Let others do your chores for you – DELEGATE YOUR LIFE!

What in the world?

Look, your time is money, whether you are the janitor or the executive, your time is valuable.   I would really take some time and do a full cost analysis on this one.  This could be a huge positive in your life, or somewhat of a slippery slope.  Just think about if the tasks that you need to do are quick and annoying, or actual time wasters.

In other words, work to replace productivity with tasky work rather than laziness with tasky work 

Try Upwork or Odesk: Both companies are an online workplace where clients work on projects with freelance Assistants.  Pretty simple, post a job based on what you need to be done, hire the right person for the job, communicate your expectations and pay them for their work.

Again, you’re trading money for time, so make sure that the time you are saving is worth more than the amount that you are paying.

Instacart, Peapod, AmazonFresh: These are perhaps some of the best services for productivity.  Grocery shopping is a HUGE time waster. Order your groceries, set a pick-up time – done and done!  If you get the wrong item or feel that your bell pepper is the wrong shade of green, let them know and typically they will refund you the money.  So ridiculously simple.


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